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Midweek Movie Mouth-Off: we need new movie awards

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The major awards shows of 2016 have come and gone, but we still have room for some silliness with the MTV Movie Awards, the winners of which were announced on Monday. Now obviously, the MTV Movie Awards aren’t anything like the BAFTAS, the Golden Globes or the grand-daddy of them all, the Academy Awards. MTV doesn’t take itself, or the awards ceremony, seriously at all.

What I love about this, is instead of sticking rigidly to what is scrutinised, we get to look at completely different aspects of movies for the categories of the awards. Granted, yes some of them are incredibly silly like Best Kiss or Best Fight, but it does get you thinking about all the different aspects of movies that we could honour, but don’t. Take Best Virtual Performance for example, those are always dismissed in favour of the animated movie itself, but pure voice acting is difficult and, I think, definitely praise-worthy. Or Best Breakthrough Performance, to acknowledge that an actor or actress has come out of nowhere with an amazing performance that is worthy of recognition. Even if they fall off into obscurity again, at least that once-in-a-lifetime role was given credit.

So I propose, along with the Best Virtual Performance and Best Breakthrough Performance, we think of some new awards categories for the major events. Instead of Best Fight, how about Best Fight / Action Choreography? Or maybe it’s time we started honouring the Best Stunt-man and Stunt-woman? What parts of movies would you like to see acknowledged at awards?

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Last Updated: April 13, 2016

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