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Midweek Movie Mouth-off: what’s the worst logic flaw you’ve seen?

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Movies are magical things that create wonderful worlds where the rules of reality need not apply. However, when a movie sets up an established rule set and proceeds to ignore it, that’s when things can get laughable, silly or downright annoying.

Most recently, I picked up on this with Ant-Man (minor spoilers to follow). If you have seen it, you might have noticed the way that Ant-Man’s strength didn’t seem to be consistent throughout the movie. When he’s shrunken down, he’s able to knock people out with a single punch, but in the final battle when he’s throwing toy blocks and toy train cars around, logically those objects should have been moving through the air a heck of a lot faster than they actually were. Instead, they looked like they were being thrown “normally”, like they scaled down his super strength to “fit” the scene instead of keeping the established rules all the way through.

Heck, even when movies aren’t taking place in a fantasy world, sometimes things come up that are glaringly wrong, like the infamous 27 mile long runway from Fast and Furious 6, or any car that magically explodes when hit with a regular bullet. Let’s not even get started on technology in movies, that’s a whole new rant on its own!

So, let’s get pedantic. What’s the worst logic flaw you’ve seen in a movie?

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Last Updated: September 2, 2015

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