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Mike Tyson talks MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES – Singing, fighting and pigeons

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When you think about it, Mike Tyson Mysteries sounds perhaps a little too crazy. A former heavyweight boxing champ beating several shades of crap out of various monsters while investigating weekly mysteries alongside the Marquis of Queensbury, his adopted Korean daughter and a jerkass in the body of a pigeon sounds like it was written while the folks involved were incredibly drunk. Or incredibly enthusiastic, according to Tyson.

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So how did Mike Tyson get involved in a cartoon series? According to Iron Mike, it had something to do with The Simpsons, as he explained to Collider:

This is what really happened — every now and then, remember when they had Bart Simpson?  They had me on [The Simpsons] and Bart Simpson would bust my chops and stuff and I would get mad and threaten the guy?  And I would get mad and, I took myself totally too serious back then.  You know?  And that’s what it is.

I just want to try everything.  I want to see how good I can be, the best I can be at what I’m doing.  I want to do everything.  You know?  I want to be in a musical.  I want to do everything.  I want to try and sing.

As for his character in the series, Tyson had zero creative involvement in how he was rendered, as he preferred to focus on the performance first and getting into character:

I just know that, when it was time to perform the character, I did the best I could.  I wasn’t concerned with wanting to have some creative control or coming up with my own scenario.  I just want to be involved.  Get me in a scenario and let me do my best.  I’m a performer.  You put me in a scenario and I’m like, ‘Boom!’

I like to spend some time with the script so I can do the best I can do with what I have.  I can always change it, but I like to see what I can do before I change it.  I want to be a serious actor one day. I’m very emotional, I’m very excited to have the chance to work and perform and go for it.  I’m not afraid to be a jerk or anything and laugh at myself anymore.

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So how does Mike Tyson solve a mystery? With brains or brawn? According to the former champ, it mostly involves pigeon in the show:

No, no.  No.  I get my pigeon.  When it’s time to get a mystery solved, I go to my pigeon coop, get the message and get my team.  My – I thought she was Chinese, but she’s Korean – my stepdaughter, I get my ghost of the Maquis of Queensberry and then I get my pigeon and we go on little brain searches and figure stuff out.

Mike Tyson Mysteries airs later this year. It sounds completely bonkers, and thus, awesome.

Last Updated: August 8, 2014

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