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MISS JULIE gives Colin Farrell some nasty thoughts in this first trailer

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Period-pieces dramas tend to often be brushed off as musty, boring affairs, and period-piece dramas based on old plays even more so. Miss Julie is a period-piece drama based on an old play. It’s also a movie in which a bossy, sexualized Jessica Chastain forces her servant Colin Farrell to kiss her shoe, and later sees Farrell having to pour cold water on his you-know-what, to “cool” himself down. So no, not your typical boring drama then.

Based on this first trailer for the film, Miss Julie appears to be one of those spartan, stripped down character studies, free of any fancy plot or flashy visuals, where the only real action or special effect comes from a couple of top-drawer actors showing off their craft. This is probably not going to be a movie for many people, but I think it looks rather intriguing.

A country estate in Ireland in the 1880s. Over the course of one midsummer night, Miss Julie explores the brutal, charged power struggle between a young aristocratic woman and her father’s valet.

Miss Julie is directed by Golden Globe winning, Oscar nominated Swedish actress and director Liv Ullmann, who was also known as one of legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergmann’s “muses”, having acted in 10 of his movies. The film has not been picked up for release yet, but will be making it’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next week.

Last Updated: July 24, 2014

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