Monday Box Office Report – Man of Steel gets schooled

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Up, up and away! After a solid performance last week, it looked like nothing could stop the Man of Steel from ruling the box office. Well scratch that, because the big blue boy scout didn’t just drop, but dropped two places after the weekend estimates came in from the North American box office.

What force on earth could be powerful enough to stop the last son of Krypton? A film reel embedded with Kryptonite? Bryan Singer releasing a print of Superman Returns that wasn’t dipped in bodily fluids from a Richard Donner tribute party? Nope! It was none other than a tag team combination of Brad Pitt and Mike Wazowski.



The fourteenth Pixar movie hit the box office hard, securing over $82 million in total. Without adjusting for inflation, that’s a metric crapton more than what the original Monsters Inc film did back in 2001, as that movie opened with a $61 million total haul. Brad Pitt’s World War Z also proved to be a solid money-earner, raking in a devilish $66 million. Guess those reshoots paid off after all. As for everyone else, here’s how the rest of ’em did.

  • Monsters University – $82 Million
  • World War Z  – $66 Million
  • Man of Steel  – $41.2 Million
  • This is the end  – $13 Million
  • Now you see me  – $7.8 Million
  • Fast and Furious 6  – $4.7 Million
  • The Internship  – $3.42 Million
  • The Purge  – $3.41 Million
  • Star Trek Into Darkness  – $3 Million
  • Iron Man 3  – $2.1 Million
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Man of Steel dipped quite suddenly in its second week, but current global ticket sales are still looking pretty strong so far. The movie has a worldwide total of $398 million so far, and compared to the week two total of Iron Man 3 at $396.7 million, it’s clearly in the run to make some big cash near or above the billion dollar mark when it finishes its run eventually.

As for everyone else, their totals rang in at under the $10 million mark, with This is the End being the sole exception. The end of the world has been performing admirably so far, as a decent alternative to colourful big budget films, having saved $57.7 million from the apocalypse, on a domestic scale. As for departures this week, say goodbye to After Earth and Epic, as they exit the top ten.

Last Updated: June 24, 2013

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