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Monday Box Office Report: The Bourne Supremacy

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In my review for Jason BourneI called it an unnecessary sequel. I don’t think the suits over in Hollywood would agree with my dismissive sentiments though, especially since they’ll be too busy counting all the money the movie made this weekend past. Star Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass’ return to the Bourne franchise opened this weekend past, shooting straight to the top of US box office with a $60 million tally. If not adjusted for inflation then that’s the second highest opening in the franchise’s history behind The Bourne Ultimatum‘s $69.2 million in 2007.

But it wasn’t just in America where Damon and co were getting Bourne again (sorry) though, as the film brought in a reported $50.1 million from international markets as well, the biggest non-domestic opening figure for the entire series. That gives it a $110.1 million global total for just the first weekend, which already goes a long to make up the film’s $120 million budget. Jason Bourne may have lost his memories, but he sure as hell still remembers how to make money.


The only other two newcomers at the US box office was Bad Moms and Nerve, and both fell slightl short of predictions.For R-rated female led comedy Bad Moms it didn’t matter as it still opened strongly pulling in $23.4 millions. Yes, it was a touch off the pace of its $30 million expectations, but it’s already made back its $20 million production budget and change. Bad Moms, good money.

Nerve is another film with a relatively low $20 million price tag, but unlike the newcomer competition it could not eclipse that figure in its opening weekend. The techno-thriller starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco could only make $9 million over the weekend. The film, which is about a deadly online truth-or-dare video game, took some inspiration from its source material and pulled off some hacks by actually opening on Wednesday already. However, even this “5-day weekend” could only push its opening figure to $15 million.

Star Trek Beyond

The other significant box office story though was the drop for Star Trek Beyond. While the latest film in the franchise only moved down one position to 2nd to make way for Jason Bourne, it experienced a massive 59% drop in revenue from last week, going from $59.2 million to $24 million. With Beyond already opening the lowest out of the new films thus far, it must give Paramount a bit of pause, despite the fact that they’ve already greenlit a fourth film.

Ghostbusters wasn’t too far behind when it came to drops, as it saw its number fall 53% as well. But at least it has the excuse that it was already in its third week. Also, a whole portion of the internet already hated the movie (for very silly reasons) before they had even seen it.

Let’s see what’s happening on the rest of the Top 10 chart:

  • 01Jason Bourne – $60 million (NE)
  • 02. Star Trek Beyond –  $24 million (LW: 1)
  • 03. Bad Moms – $23.4 million (NE)
  • 04. The Secret Life of Pets – $18.2 million (LW:2)
  • 05. Lights Out – $10.8 million (LW:3)
  • 06. Ice Age: Collision Course  – $10.3 million (LW:4)
  • 07. Ghostbusters – $9.8 million (LW: 5)
  • 08. Nerve – $9 million (NE)
  • 09. Finding Dory – $4.2 million (LW: 6)
  • 10. The Legend of Tarzan – $2.4 million (LW: 7)

Both Star Trek Beyond and Ghostbusters were not the biggest drops on the charts this week though. That dubious honour falls to Bryan Cranston’s The Infiltrator, which had already opened pretty poorly 3 weeks ago. This past week though saw it take a gigantic 75.4% plunge, dropping from 10th place right out of the Top 10 to 16th. Thus far it’s just made $14.4 million.

(LW = Last Week, NE = New Entry)

Last Updated: August 1, 2016

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