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More SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING villain and costume details revealed

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We had just heard recently about the possibility that Michael Keaton is likely to be playing the villain in the next Spider-Man: Homecoming film and now we see some of those rumours and news about the film hitting overdrive.

Two rumours dropped on the internet recently with regards to the topic – first that Vincent D’Onforio confirmed that his character Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, from the Daredevil series will most certainly not be featuring in the film. There had been rumours circulating that his popular character might be featured in the latest Spider-Man film, but in a social media post, he confirmed that this certainly isn’t happening:


Kingpin was initially a Spider-Man villain before becoming the main foe to Daredevil in the comic books and this is what led to the initial rumours of his possible involvement in the film. However, this rumour was always unlikely to happen, as Marvel have been reluctant to merge the TV and Movie corners of their Cinematic Universe together. This word from D’Onforio just confirms that reluctance and fans wanting to see the two sides brought together will have to wait longer to see if this will ever happen.


And the second rumour deals again with the topic of Keaton’s Vulture, which JoBlo is adamant will be appearing in the film. Not only do they reveal news about Keaton’s reported role in the film, but also that (spoiler alert!!!) The Vulture will be aided by another villain named The Tinkerer, who will help build Vulture’s suit with recovered Chitauri technology from the Battle of New York in the first Avengers film.


They go on to reveal some information about some of the upgrades in Spider-Man’s costume that we’ll probably see, which will be provided by the mentor introduced in the latest Captain America film – Tony Stark himself. In that film, we saw Tony help design a suit for Peter Parker that better suited his abilities and it looks like they are going to be using him to make the character go even more high tech than what we are used to seeing in Spider-Man movies. In regards to that, the site reports:

What kind of modifications? Well, if you stuck it out for the end credits of Civil War you got to see Peter Parker discover Stark’s costume Easter Egg for the web shooters that also featured Spidey’s signature signal light. Well, it looks like we’ll be seeing more old-school signature Spidey features, as Stark will also be supplying the classic Web Wings from the comics that will be able to deploy as needed. So, it appears Spider-Man is going back to his Stan Lee/Steve Ditko roots and that is pretty badass.


It must be said that though it appears there is a lot of credibility to all of these rumours, don’t take anything for certain. As to why people feel the need to dig into finding spoilers and figuring out what their favourite heroes and villains costumes will look like is beyond me. Perhaps some of us are just not geek enough to see what all the fuss is about?

Are you someone who gets excited about news like this or do you prefer to stay away from all rumours in hope of the movie not being too spoilt?

Last Updated: May 27, 2016

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  1. LegionZA

    May 27, 2016 at 13:44

    Staying away from all the rumours/spoilers and just general news is hard.

    All this with Spidey and iron Man is nice though, at the end of it all, or somewhere in the middle the Iron Spider must make an appearance. Looking forward to that suit. i am really enjoying the more “vintage” feel to the Spider-Man look for a change


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