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Morgan Freeman is going to party with Robert Deniro and Michael Douglas in Last Vegas

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The smoothest and most comforting voice in all of entertainment, along with it’s current human host, Morgan Freeman, is still going strong as an actor, with upcoming roles that includes a return to the world of billionaires with mental issues, for the Dark Knight Rises, scheduled for next month.

As for projects beyond that, Freeman is looking to spend a little downtime in Sin City, with pals Robert Deniro and Michael Douglas, as the trio embark on a stag night that they’ll never forget.

Wonder if they’ll wake up with the mother of all Hangovers?

Douglas and Deniro are already signed up for the flick, with Freeman currently in negotiations to join in on the Vegas fun. Last Vegas has Douglas tying the knot, after years of chasing tail and being the swingiest of all bachelors, and in order to do so, he decides to invite his closest friends with him for a stag night of note.

But it’s more than just a chance for his old friends to reunite with him, as Douglas and Deniro have an old score to settle, about a romantic rivalry that resurfaces in their memories, once the booze starts flowing.

Jon “National Treasure” Turteltaub is currently in charge of the flick, based on a script from Dan Fogelman, Adam Brooks and Alan Yang, with principal photography beginning in September.

And I’m really hoping that Freeman lends his dulcet tones towards a cast and crew commentary when the DVD of this flick arrives.

Last Updated: May 17, 2012

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