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NBC planning an ITALIAN JOB remake for the small screen

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It would seem that Hollywood’s most popular recent ploy to get a massive payout off fans’ fond nostalgia, is to adapt classic movies for television. We have already seen so many adaptions pop up the last couple of years with shows like Limitless, 12 Monkeys, The Evil Dead, Rush Hour and Uncle Buck, not to mention the recently started Lethal Weapon and The Exorcist. Then there are the proposed shows still waiting for release like Taken, Training Day and Hitch. So it should really comes as no surprise that The Italian Job is now also set to get a remake, even after the original 1969 heist movie classic starring Michael Caine was already rebooted in 2003 reboot with Mark Wahlberg.

Those movies were both about a team of master thieves on a heist to steal gold and both had exciting escapes involving Mini Coopers. According to reports however The Italian Job series will not follow the same story line. This time instead of stealing gold as the previous films have done, the heist will center around a team coming together to rescue an older teammate to whom they all owe a debt.

Now to be honest, I’m not really against movie to series adaptions, as long as they are done really well of course. As for this show that will be left in the hands of Benjamin Brand and Rob Weiss who will be working on the script. They will also executive produce alongside Donald De Line under the Paramount Television banner.


What are your thoughts on a The Italian Job remake? Are you looking forward to seeing this remake or is this one of those movies that should just be left alone?


Last Updated: September 30, 2016

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