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Netflix working on a Splinter Cell anime series with John Wick writer

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The long-running stealth video game series Splinter Cell has developed quite a strong fanbase over the years, as player keep coming back to the story of black ops agentSam Fisher and his stealthy pursuits. The series based on a character created by author Tom Clancy has seen regular new releases across different gaming platforms since it first debuted in 2002, including mobile phones.

According to Variety, Ubisoft is teaming up with Netflix to bring all that stealth action to a new anime series adaptation. And to ensure that this series gets the best possible action treatment, Netflix has recruited Derek Kolstad, who helped create the John Wick franchise, to executive produce and write the show. The report does not reveal exactly what story and plot beats the series will follow, but Netflix is so excited about it, that they’ve already given it a two-season order consisting of 16 episodes

Fans of the video games should no doubt be excited by the potential this series has to offer, especially if it can resemble anything remotely close to John Wick in terms of action while retaining the stealth elements and intensity of its source material. In terms of style, it would be interesting to see what approach they take with this as an anime-influenced series doesn’t initially jump to mind as the most appropriate way of adapting Splinter Cell.

There have been plans to bring a Splinter Cell movie to life for many years, with Tom Hardy set to play the role of Sam Fisher, but with little development on that front it’s great that fans will finally get an opportunity to delve into their beloved espionage universe in a different way.

Last Updated: July 31, 2020

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