New footage for Pixar's Brave will have your eyes on the pies

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Pixar has always been one of the best developers, and pioneers of CGI family films, and in recent years, their quality has been nothing short of amazing.

Their next film, Brave, features Scottish princess Merida as she embarks on a quest to prove herself and be more than a stereotypical maiden in waiting, and so far, the results look outstanding.

Although I a kind of am hoping that Pixar can start this film without yet another depressing intro. I’m all out of tears after finally watching Toy Story 3 as it is.

The latest trailer fills in more of the story of Merida and her family, and also happens to include some folksy singing that sounds like a drunken Enya after a wild night out.

And some new footage appears, reminding us to always keep our eyes on the pie. Hmmmmm, pie….

Brave releases this year, end of January.

Last Updated: April 24, 2012

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