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This new action-packed trailer for MAN OF STEEL stands for hope

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If there’s one thing that Superman movies have really failed to do, unless they’re one of the superb animated ones, it’s to capture an action scene faithfully on the big screen. The big blue boy scout has his fair share of opponents that can give him a run for his crystals, but the big screen has an annoying tendency to stick with characters that are decidedly easier to squish. Take over the world supply of coffee. Superman 3, you bring shame and disappointment to the family.

Here’s the latest trailer then for Man Of Steel, which keeps the action content in your face, with a dash of hope as well.

Compared to previous trailers, this is the money-shot of marketing teasers. Previous videos were a lot more sedated, calmer and only contained hints of the action to come. But this one? Not only does it baysplode, it does so in micro-seconds, teasing audiences even further.

And yet, there’s still a lot of heart here. Dual fatherly themes from Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe, a light-hearted conversation with Amy Adam’s Lois Lane creeps in as well. But most importantly, just listen to that soundtrack from Hans Zimmer. It’s magnificent, and I hope that the entire movie follows a similar approach to that bit of audio.

While merely suggesting that John Williams original score may have finally been beaten will get me lynched by an orchestra of fanboys, I’ll gladly admit that this particular Superman theme can proudly stand tall next to it. It’s fantastic. It’s Zimmeriffic.

In June, you won’t just believe that a man can fly. You’ll believe that he can play ping pong in the sky with the face of an escaped phantom zone prisoner as well.

Last Updated: April 17, 2013

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