Next STAR TREK series could be pre Next Generation

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Man did I enjoy Star Trek as a child. It allowed me to escape the reality that I have an older brother that is an utter git, that school hates all red heads, and that being a pimply teenager was the same as setting your phaser to kill on any potential girl. My favourite was Star Trek: The Next Generation, a TV show that was a surprising success (even Sir Patrick Stewart was surprised, once commenting that for the first few weeks of shooting he didn’t unpack his suitcase) and helped reboot a long dormant franchise.

Well it’s been many a year since the last series Enterprise ended and I need more dammit! And if you remember at the end of last year there was word that a new series would launch sometime in 2017 with CBS All Access as the channel of choice. It was also said that Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller would be the showrunner along with Alex Kurtzman as executive producer (he wrote and produced the divisive JJ Abrams’s reboot of Star Trek) and Nicholas Meyer who directed one of the best Trek movies, Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.

And now according to info from Birth.Movies.Death the new show may take place before Star Trek: The New Generation and after the rather political Star Trek: The Undiscovered County feature film. Not only that but that each season would feature a different time period and that it won’t take place on the Enterprise, a ship I would gladly sell every team member on this site to own (any of the ships, even the old NCC1701). I am not sure of the moving of time periods each season but if there is a clever mechanic that allows us to grow with a set crew then watching the tech upgrade with each season could be awesome! It’ll be a while till we get more concrete answers though but until then you can satisfy your Star Trek needs by watching the upcoming Star Trek: Beyond which is out on 22 July.

Last Updated: April 14, 2016

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