Nicolas Cage is getting LEFT BEHIND

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Nicolas Cage’s agent has the easiest job in the world, as it’s become abundantly clear over the last few years that there is no movie script on the face of this Earth that Cage will turn down (I’m still eagerly awaiting Schindler’s Fist).

So when it was announced that Christian themed Rapture film and book series, Left Behind, was getting a mainstream reboot with Nic Cage as the star, the only thing that surprised me was that it wasn’t done sooner. I mean the guy that played a Hell-bound spirit of vengeance is just perfect for this, right?!

For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Left Behind book series written by Jeff LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins consisted of 16, yes 16 novels detailing the experiences of a group of people who not only wake up to find the Earth in chaos as millions of people have vanished in the biblical Rapture, but also discover that they are to be the new saints in the 7 year period of strife known as the Tribulation, during which God is supposed to rain down judgement on Earth and after which the Second Coming will take place. These saints, now known as the Tribulation Force will try to save as many lost people as they can during this time, but also do battle against the Antichrist, who has taken the form of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and who is supposedly spearheading the efforts to restore global order.

The books were eventually adapted into a trilogy of rather low budget movies between 2000 and 2005, starring “Growing Pains” star turned fervent outspoken Christian evangelist, Kirk Cameron, and it’s these films and Cameron’s role that Cage is looking to reboot.

The newly planned big budget trilogy of films will be directed by world famous stuntman, sorry let me correct that, The World’s Greatest Stuntman, Vic Armstrong. Armstrong has been doing high profile stunt work on just about every major Hollywood franchise for the last couple decades, and also acted as second unit  “action” director on Salt, The Green Hornet, Thor and The Amazing Spider-Man, so he certainly knows his way around an action sequence.

The question will be whether he will be able to tell this story -which you have to admit, religious beliefs aside, could make for some big budget spectacle -in such a way that it doesn’t become so preachy that it scares off the non-religious crowd. Also, there is the Nicolas (Un)Cage(d) factor to deal with. Keep his crazy in check (and I here I recommend an extensive array of pharmaceuticals and/or a stout stick) and he’s a capable leading man, but allow him free reign with his wildman voodoo and… Well, I’m still not sure how I’m going to pay my therapist’s bill after Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Last Updated: October 23, 2012

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