Nicolas Cage is going to go wild

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Oh Nicolas Cage, I hope you never stop being crazy (NOT THE BEES!). Even though dipping into that manic side usually results in a train-wreck of a film, the process in which it happens is akin to watching a truck full of Jackson Pollock paintings crash into a raging inferno.

Horrible, yet strangely beautiful. And for his next film role, he might be dipping into full-crazy mode, in order to portray a merciless killer, for Wild Side.

With Jesse Baget set to direct, as well as handle script duties with Stefania Moscato, the film will see Juno Temple as Lila Belle Clyde, a beauty queen on the run.

After Belle steals some diamonds from Odel (Cage), the furious killer decides to chase her down and get his revenge. As if having a mentally-Hulked out Nicolas Cage on her tail wasn’t bad enough, Belle also has to deal with a persistent news reporter (Johnny Knoxville), as well as the police who are hot on her trail.

Filming begins in July, in Louisiana. Meanwhile, for more crazy Cage, he’ll be popping up soon in the crime drama Stolen, and the thriller Frozen. Plus, he’ll be stretching his vocal chords in the satirical musical Frank or Francis.

I’m hoping that each role will have him providing years worth of new internet memes.

Last Updated: May 9, 2012

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