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Nothing is safe in the trailer for I.T.

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If you clicked here expecting the trailer for the new adaptation of Stephen Kings, IT, sorry to disappoint you, this is for another movie. We are not trying to click-bait you, it’s just simply a film about I.T. (Information Technology) and not clowns. Though both can be equally scary. And this film focuses on the dark art of hacking – because all I.T. guys are hackers, right?

Now I won’t lie to you, I know a thing or two about hacking. How else do you think I was able to blackmail Kervyn into giving me this writing job? One thing which annoys me though is how hackers are generally misrepresented in the movie industry. If we’re not evil people hell-bent on creating anarchy in the world, we are creepy people that needs to be mistrusted at all times. Very seldom are hackers shown in a positive and much needed light to society. We are not all nut jobs, I promise.

Although you probably won’t be thinking that after seeing I.T., as it seems to only build on the bad stereotypes further. The film stars former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, who innocently falls victim to an I.T. guy who he brings into his home to help automate and make more state-of-the-art. Instead, this guy has other ideas and eventually uses the technology to spy on his family and more particularly, his daughter. Yip, this film portrays the hackers as being creepy jerks again.

Needless to say, while this movie completely exaggerates the true ability of what a hacker who has access to everything in your home can actually do, it does provide us all with a fair warning as more and more homes go the digital route. Whatever, you do, make sure you use a reputable firewall that is developed by a 3rd party…

Needless to say, it’s up to Brosnan’s character to seemingly do what any father will do in this situation: Go all Liam Neeson on the guy and try and stop him. Of course, just unplugging the server that controls the house or unplugging your internet connection would be much easier, but hey, Hollywood needs a reason for this movie I guess.

The film is directed by John Moore (Max Payne, A Good Day to Die Hard), based on  a script by Dan Kay and William Wisher Jr. I.T. is scheduled to be released to U.S. theatres and VOD on September 23.

Last Updated: August 8, 2016

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