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Oscar Isaac to star in Metal Gear Solid live-action film

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SNAAAAAKE! After being stuck in development hell for years, we finally know just who will be answering to that iconic reptilian shout in the live-action feature film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. As reported by Deadline, Oscar Isaac has been cast in the lead role of Solid Snake in the long-gestating video game movie.

The multiple award-winning Metal Gear video game franchise has its roots all the way back in 1987, but it was 1998’s Metal Gear Solid – the third entry in the franchise and the first done using 3D graphics – that really launched the series, and its creator Hideo Kojima, into international superstardom. The games are set in an alternate history divergent from the Cold War in which cloning and AI robotics are far more prevalent and follow a storyline far too convoluted to recap here. All you need to know for now is that Solid Snake, the ex-leader of elite military unit Foxhound, is one of the genetically enhanced clones of legendary soldier Big Boss AKA Naked Snake. There’s also Liquid Snake, among others, so just get your juvenile jokes out now.

The first three Metal Gear games followed Solid Snake as he fought both alongside and against Big Boss, often while trying to stop the usage of giant mobile weapon platforms known as Metal Gears, while later games hopped around in the timeline to fill out Big Boss’ very elaborate backstory. All the titles have won massive acclaim for their revolutionary usage of stealth gameplay, while also blending incredibly cinematic, movie-like cutscenes and action with deep philosophising that made them ripe for adaptation.

A feature film adaptation had been in the works since 2006, but it has been a passion project of Kong: Skull Island helmer Jordan Vogt-Roberts since 2014. It would probably have happened by now already, but the filmmaker engaged in years of fighting with Sony to make this a proper R-rated adaptation true to original video game developer Hideo Kojima’s vision instead of the PG-13 film that the studio was aiming for. Oh and there was the slight delay when Vogt-Robert personally led an international manhunt for gangsters who nearly beat him to death in a Vietnam nightclub. For real!

As for Isaac, the hugely popular Golden Globe-winning actor is probably best known for his role as hotshot pilot Poe Dameron in the latest Star Wars trilogy as well as breakout sci-fi films like Ex Machina. And – most importantly – Isaac is a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid. So much so that in March 2019, while doing the press rounds for Triple Frontier, when the cast was asked by IGN about which video game adaptation they would like to star, Isaac answered with Metal Gear Solid.

That caught the attention of Vogt-Roberts who then turned to popular artist Boss Logic to whip up a concept poster with Isaac in the role of Solid Snake. The filmmaker revealed at the time that casting was not even close to starting yet, but he was stoked for the suggestion and that it was up to Isaac.

And apparently, the two men touched base since then and have now made this official. With Isaac being hugely in demand at the moment, it’s uncertain just when his schedule will free up enough to get to this, but a script is already in the can so everything is just waiting on him.

Last Updated: December 7, 2020

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