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Pixie is all about inept criminals on the run from Irish gangster priest Alec Baldwin

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No movie genre generally leaves you rooting for the bad guys more than a heist movie. After all, there is something exciting about a group of criminals pulling off an impossible heist. In these movies, it’s the cops who are the bad guys as they stand in the way of a rag-tag team of all-star thieves getting away with the crime of the century.  Well forget about the cops because in Pixie, it’s a gang of priests that stand in the way of our team of robbers.

Olivia Cooke play the titular character Pixie as she is joined by two wannabe criminals in Ben Hardy and Daryl McCormack. After a heist gone wrong and pursued by a number of gangsters throughout Ireland which includes a gang of priests led by Alec Baldwin and Colm Meaney, it’s time for thick Irish accents, plenty of big guns, and a beautiful location in a film that looks as wild as it sounds:

There is certainly something unsettling about people from the cloth armed with some serious weaponry. Directed by Barnaby Thompson and based on a script by his son Preston Thompson, Pixie certainly looks like a lot of fun. Yes, its characters are crazy, but the action looks like it could land up on the wild side with plenty of great gags and a group of gangsters we can get behind, even if it’s just for a few laughs at their clear ineptitude.

The film is certainly channelling its inner Guy Ritchie as much as possible as it tries to balance the action and comedy in a similar way to Snatch or The Gentleman. Except only this time the Irish accents are only slightly more distinguishable than Brad Pitt’s Mickey O’Neil and the priests are potentially scarier than a gangster who feeds his enemies to pigs. Never underestimate a nun with a big gun.  

Pixie has already released in the UK and Ireland but is looking to make its international release in March via select theatres and On-Demand services.

Last Updated: February 9, 2021

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