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Possessed doll ANNABELLE to return in sequel

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Remember last year when we had that awesome community evening that had THAT GUY, the one who screamed like a banshee at absolutely everything? Well, most expected the screening of Annabelle to be another weak entry into the horror genre, a genre that has been saturated to the max over the past few years, with movies like Jessabelle and remakes of classics like The Poltergeist 3D standing out as being truly horrific for all the wrong reasons.

But Annabelle ended up being surprisingly successful and that success has led the folks over at New Line to greenlight a sequel to the movie that was already a prequel to the massively successful The Conjuring… Ouch, my head. I have to say that director John R. Leonetti did a very good job of building suspense in some innovative, new ways, even if the story was rehashed from about a million different pre-existing sources – We all remember the staircase scene (hears THAT GUY screaming again).

Annabelle only cost producer James Wan (he directed The Conjuring) a mere $6.5m, an investment that brought in some $250m worldwide so it is no wonder they want to revisit the possessed doll (who buys their pregnant wife a hideous doll like that?!).

Mind you, at the screening two other individuals were there that made the doll look like America’s Next Top Model contestants, I mean, just look at them below!



So far no casting details have been made but script writer Gary Dauberman will be returning. I’ll see what we can do about getting some tickets for this, if only to meet THE GUY who has become a Themovies.co.za legend.

Last Updated: October 20, 2015


  1. Looking forward to it. Loved The Conjuring and really enjoyed Annabelle. Think they onto a good series of movies here.


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