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Prepare to be judged, as DREDD will return in an online mini-series!

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I could talk all day about my love for Dredd 3D, but that would most likely earn me another 20 years in the iso-cubes for inciting violence. As authentic and detailed as Dredd 3D was, that film never managed to find an audience when it hit the box office, earning lackluster ticket sales worldwide. On the home entertainment front however, it’s been a different story and thanks to initiative such as Day Of Dredd, the film is still in the public eye.

We may not be getting a sequel movie anytime soon. But we are going to be receiving judgement soon in an upcoming web series.

Producer Adi Shankar, who helped bring Dredd 3D to life and also that rather cool Dirty Laundry short starring Thomas Jane’s Punisher, will be producing the web series that follows Dredd as he battle the Dark Judges. Unlike your usual criminal scum, the Dark Judges are a whole new breed of evil. They’re alternate-reality Judges who decided that since all crime is commited by the living, then life itself must be a crime. And the sentence for all life, was death.

Led by Judge Death, the Dark Judges are made up of Judges Mortis, Fear and Fire. They’ve harassed Mega City One in numerous events, with their claim to fame being in the epic Necropolis storyline that saw most of that massive city turned into a gigantic graveyard.

Dark Judges

The Wrap says that Shankar will release at part one of the new series in November, and that Shankar has been working on this series for two years now, straight after Dredd 3D bombed at the box office. A year back, Shankar mentioned this project briefly on Reddit, envisioning it as a single short film:

…I am working on a Dredd short in the vein of #DirtyLaundry … you’re actually the first person to know about this …

So who’s the star, who wrote and who directed this new series then? No bloody idea, but what is known is that it’ll be a seven episode event, which will most likely be chopped and edited into a single feature film once it has finished broadcasting. Hopefully Dredd himself, Karl Urban ,returns alongside Olivia Thirlby’s Judge Anderson, because this would be one hell of a treat for fans who have been vocal in their support for a Dredd sequel for the last two years. And hopefully it also includes this scene in the mini-series:

Gaze into the fist of Dredd

Last Updated: October 7, 2014

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