Prepare to have an ARROW trailer driven through your skull

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I’ve got a little confession to make: I haven’t seen a single episode of Arrow yet. My biggest fear, was that the show would be another Smallville, something that I truly hated. And for the first few episodes, those fears of mine seemed to be validated. But the more I hear of the show, the more I hear that it has improved tremendously.

So while I go fire up the Netflix so that I can binge on some episodes, check out the new trailer for the upcoming arc which stars fan favourite super-assassin for hire, Deathstroke.

Huntress, the Suicide Squad, Black Canary and Deathstroke? Damn, I’ve been missing out on this show. While I catch up, the rest of you can start watching the new episodes later this year.

Last Updated: March 6, 2014

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