Prepare to serve some extra cheese during Christmas with the trailer for SILENT NIGHT

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In 1984, a film by the name of Silent Night, Deadly Night was released that stirred up quite a lot of controversy. The film was particularly violent and it featured a lunatic dressed in a Santa outfit that murdered people he deemed “naughty”, which upset the PTA so much they protested against the film and it was eventually pulled from cinemas. Well, 2012 seems to be the year Santa decides to punish a few ho-ho-ho’s again, as he is back in Silent Night. 

The synopsis over at Comingsoon reads:

Now, Santa is back, and he’s got a brand new bag of tricks. As their small midwestern town prepares for its annual Christmas Eve parade, Sheriff (Malcolm McDowell) and his deputy (Jaime King) discover that a maniac in a Santa suit is murdering those he judges as “naughty.” Their sins? Porn, adultery, greed… And he will make sure they rest in heavenly pieces. Donal Logue, Ellen Wong, Lisa Marie, and Brendan Fehr co-star in this brutal and darkly humorous tale of Christmas gone bad.

Besides also being the subject matter of a Weird Al song, a killer Santa is not an unheard of concept but I can honestly say I’ve never actually witnessed a film with a bloodthirsty Santa around so this is definitely going to be on my ‘must-watch’ list for the festive season, especially taking into consideration that it stars my favourite droog of all time, Malcolm McDowell. He adds a touch of class to any film he graces with his presence so if you are tired of Oscar-fever, maybe go with something with a touch more blood and cheese and give Silent Night a watch…before Santa adds you to his ‘naughty’ list!

Take a look at the trailer:

All I know is, I’m curious to see if this Santa also decides to grind up poor Rudolph into reindeer sausage…

Last Updated: November 6, 2012

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