PROMETHEUS 2 nabs a new writer, aims for a 2016 release

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Although it was brilliant on a visual level, Prometheus fell short, banged its head and had to wear a safety helmet for the rest of its life in the scripting department. There are some mind-staggeringly stupid sections in the film, such as failing to run in a diagonal direction before a space donut crashes you, or attempting to make friends with a vagina-faced snale alien creature. Still, the movie made enough cash at the box office to warrant a second prequel sequel, and hopefully, a new writer will mean a more coherent plot and a cast that can use common logic.

Aiming for a March 4, 2016 release according to The Wrap, Prometheus 2 will now feature a script written by Michael “Green Lantern” Green. Crap. Green, who has also worked on the new Blade Runner movie, will rewrite the draft that Jack Paglen contributed which will hopefully still retain multiple versions of Michael Fassbender’s andorid David.

On the plus side, this hiring does at least show that Fox wants to move forward with the sequel, and do what the first film was supposed to do: Provide some answers to the history of the Alien franchise. Ridley Scott is set to return to directing duties, and since he’s working on the Blade Runner sequel as well, then he most likely has faith in Green. There’s plenty of story to bridge in a sequel. Noomi Rapace’s character going off to the engineer homeworld, discovering what their ultimate goal was for humanity and that little freshly born Xenomorph that was left behind from the space vagina, all plot points worth following up on.

Just so long as Green doesn’t feel the need to create a new Xenomorph with a giant fist that comes out of its mouth.

Last Updated: March 25, 2014

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