PROMETHEUS sequel set 10 years in the future

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Ahh, Prometheus, you utter bastard. I was so excited to see the Ridley Scott film that I actually enjoyed it! That is until the lights came up and the sway of cinema magic started dissipating. As I got past the lines of waiting people to go in I wanted to shout ‘Don’t do it! Don’t waste your brain! At the very least, don’t expect a logical, coherent story!’ Alas, I let them suffer as I did.

With all the bits and pieces of news coming out of the Hollywood machine about Ridley’s upcoming Prometheus 2 Alien: Covenant, I am not taking the bait and getting excited. Sure, the story sounds different. This time a colony ship travels halfway across the galaxy to settle on what seems like a paradise, only it isn’t because, well, that droid played by Michael Fassbender is on the same planet and the last time we saw him he was a bit of a dick. He was also with Noomi Rapace’s Shaw, and we can expect to see Noomi Rapace again, but apparently only for a very short time. Weird. Perhaps they’ll kill her off like they did Higgs in Alien 3 (spits on floor).

One recent nugget of information that has come from Collider may explain Shaw’s absence as it seems the movie is not set immediately after the events of Prometheus, despite how that film ended. Interviewing Janty Yates, who will be costume designer for the sequel and was costume designer for the rather awesome The Martian (MATT DAMON!), she explained that events are set to take place “10 years in the future  beyond Prometheus”. I can only imagine Scott thought this was far enough away from the first movie that audiences would forget it. Yates went on to talk about how the film’s aesthetic also changes:

[It’s] not so much of a spacesuit movie. There are two different spacesuits in it. We are only carrying on one look from Prometheus, which is with David.

So not much of a spacesuit movie, rather a large move away from Prometheus which I would expect is because this is set on a ‘paradise planet’. I am sure my inner fanboy will start to emerge as the movie launches in October 2017, but at the moment the bad taste that ProMEHeus left in my mouth is still pretty strong… Still it has Michael Fassbender playing two versions of himself and is pretty awesome.


Last Updated: January 8, 2016

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