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Raise some hell and check out the new trailer for Castlevania season 3!

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Castlevania is back in March, and honestly I couldn’t be happier. The first two seasons (which come on, are actually a single season if they’d been sawed in half by a drunk stage magician you’re fooling nobody Netflix) may have arrived without too much fanfare, but the actual content that they unleashed was well worth sinking your teeth into.

A bloody good time was had by all, thanks to this adaptation going all in on its source material: Amazing action sequences, a villain you could actually get behind were it not for the fact that he was going to send nightmare fuel demons to eat your face and a few dangling plot threads that still need to be woven into the overall narrative.

Said threads will indeed be taking the spotlight! In a bloody Valentine celebration, Netflix cracked the whip and unleashed a new trailer for Castlevania and its upcoming third season on March 5. Take a gander at it below and be wary of spoilers in case you haven’t seen the show yet.

Looking good! In true Castlevania fashion, the new series will focus on threats from both the human and supernatural world, because let’s face it: We’re all a bunch of bastards. I’ll be ready to binge it come March, dressed in my finest cape as the show kicks off with Alucard meeting a few fans, Isaac begins the hunt for the infamous forgemaster Hector while Hector and Trevor Belmont take a break in a village that has secrets of its own.

Last Updated: February 17, 2020


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