NSFW Red band trailer for 21 Jump Street – [email protected]#$ science! Swear words are funny!

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There are less than 2 weeks left until the international release of 21 Jump Street, and with not a tremendous amount of buzz around the film, the marketing guys obviously now need to up the ante. Their approach? That most immature of  ideas: Excessive foul language and crude genital jokes.

Well it f$%king worked, [email protected], because this shi!t looks hilarious!

Up until now, I’ve only had a passing interest in this latest recruit to the remake brigade, but this new Red Band trailer actually had me laughing my behind off. It appears to have taken the basic and pretty bland concept of the original and then just turned the dial up all the way to ludicrous.

And it looks like Channing Tatum – an actor who has ridden the coattails of his own abdominal muscles to the top – has finally found a home for his unintentional deadpan acting. While Jonah Hill – who some people thought was shedding his comic abilities along with his weight – appears to be back to his Superbad self, despite being literally half the man he was back then.

Also, it’s been far too long since Ice Cube has been angry at somebody.

Last Updated: March 7, 2012

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