Redbull is going to give Oliver Twist some parkour-flavoured wings

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You’ve got to love Hollywood, and how late the industry is when it comes to jumping onto certain fads. Parkour is one such physical element that the industry seems to keen on revisiting, with everybody’s favourite pack of abdominal muscles, Taylor Lautner, already secured for a flick that will see him bounce up and down several objects in Tracers.

So who else is getting caught up in the acrobatic art of ignoring straight lines? Why Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist and Redbull of course.

Twist, is an upcoming indie 3D film being bankrolled by the famed supplier of energy drinks, will give the classic novel a modern day twist (Ha! Badumtish!), with Oliver and the Fagin gang of street urchins using the roof-running art to carry out a series of thefts.

Brothers Lynch and Simon Thomas are currently writing up a draft for the WTF concept, for a screen property that has had more adaptations than new admissions to the Betty Ford clinic.

Last Updated: May 17, 2012

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