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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness infects Netflix in July

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Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

There’s a whole bunch of Resident Evil content on the horizon, and get this: You won’t even need a controller to see zombies bite the proverbial dust. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (which was also the name of my mood when I went through my emo phase) reunites Leon S. Kennedy with Claire Redfield in a Netflix animated series. When is it out? Very soon!

Arriving in July according to the recent Resident Evil Showcase, a few new details on the show have also been revealed. Set two years after Resident Evil 4, Infinite Darkness takes place partly in the White House, which happens to be under an undead siege. Back in Resident Evil 4, Leon was tasked with saving the president of the United States of A’s daughter from the clutches of a cult in a small Eastern European village, which according to cinema is the creepiest part of Europe. Mi scusi.

That game saw the introduction of the Las Plagas parasites, which was far creepier than the usual T-virus zombies that had been seen in Resident Evil up to that point. Remember the first time you shot a dude in the head and he instantly grew a giant worm tentacle from his neck stump and you never slept for a few weeks due to your brain being wracked with nightmarish visuals? Yeah.

Leon is still in President Graham’s employ as a secret service agent, Claire Redfield has some vital information that needs to be delivered, it looks like a sequel to Raccoon City’s infamous outbreak is about to kick off. These undead hooligans look more like your usual Umbrella corp bioweapons, with this series having echoes of Leon’s campaign from all the way back in the ill-fated Resident Evil 6.

Still, his campaign was one of the few highlights of that game, so at least the source material is solid. For more on Resident Evil Village, the return of Mercenaries mode, and a trailer that’ll have Rule 34 fans giddy with joy, check out our latest round-up from last night’s dedicated event.

Last Updated: April 16, 2021

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