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Revisit the 1980s with this new trailer for Valley Girl

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Not every movie release is getting shut down as many films are heading towards on-demand release instead. One such movie from MGM and Orion Pictures is Valley Girl, which is still pushing ahead with its May release date and going straight to digital.

Valley Girl itself is actually a remake, based off a 1983 film that Deborah Foreman and Nicholas Cage starred in when he was still an up and coming actor. This time around we see the two lead roles performed by Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day) and Josh Whitehouse as the pair of star-crossed lovers living in Los Angeles.

This new take on the story is directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg and is told through the lens of a mother (Alicia Silverstone) telling her daughter (Camila Morrone) the story of her first love with Rothe playing the younger Silverstone. The story is your typical Romeo and Juliet type tale, but this remake is not just trying to retell that first movie but also take you back into its original setting as it plays out like an 80s musical. So, if you love that genre of music and fashion, then you may just enjoy this movie too:

The film was actually filmed back in late 2017 and was supposed to be released back in 2018, when a controversy arose around one of its cast members and the studio subsequently pulled its release. They were going to release it again now that the controversy has died down, but thanks to COVID-19, MGM has decided to just go with a digital release instead. To be fair, it’s probably a wise choice because while this movie will certainly appeal to a certain audience craving some 80s nostalgia and decent entertainment, this is unlikely to be the kind of film that is going to set the box office on fire. At least, not in a year like this one where even once theatres reopen, people are likely to be a lot more prudent with what they watch.

Valley Girl is releasing to on-demand and some streaming services on May 8.

Last Updated: April 17, 2020

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