RIP Richard Bonehill, STAR WARS extra extraordinaire

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The world today mourns the passing of Richard Bonehill. At least, the Star Wars crazy parts of the population should be tipping their hats to this man, considering he appeared several times in the last two films of the original trilogy. He was also a stuntman, actor and extra in numerous other films, including Flash Gordon, Top Secret!, Rob Roy and Highlander. Bonehill was a highly decorated fencer and news of his death – age 67 – was announced by the prestigious Truro Fencing Club in England. Details of his death were not released.

Richard-BonehillBonehill was all over the Star Wars sets and when once asked what his favourite and least favourite characters were, he said the Stormtrooper was his favourite because the costume fit well and the least were the masked aliens, because those masks were uncomfortable. I could list his characters here, but it would be easier to show off his presence in the Star Wars world by just, well, showing it! These are the various roles he played in The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi:

A Tie Fighter pilot.
A Snowtrooper.
Rebel officer Palo Torshan
Nien Numb.
A Mon Calamari.
A Stormtrooper.
An X-Wing pilot.

Last Updated: February 6, 2015

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