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Robert Pattinson’s Batman costume includes one very important feature

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Actors may come and go, ideas may evolve and the times may change, but one thing remains constant in the world of The Batman: There’s nothing more terrifying than an absolute maniac dressed as a bat massaging your face at terminal velocity speed with leather-wrapped fists. Robert Pattinson’s Batman is different from previous incarnations, a dark and brooding vigilante who is still rough around the edges in many ways as he embarks on a more experimental journey of stopping crime right in its track.

That experiment happens to involve dressing up in bulletproof armour and picking fights with street clowns according to the first trailer, and it’s a hell of a look. While I’m still not sold on the oddly-shaped cowl, the rest of the costume has grown on me. It looks practical, it allows for a flexible range of motion and most importantly, you don’t need to be peeled out of it in case you want to take a piss.

During the DC FanDome panel, The Batman director Matt Reeves detailed how Pattinson’s batsuit took over a year to be properly realised and was equipped with an emergency hatch for when he needed to drain his personal Batmobile. “It’s very practical, the idea is that Batman made it himself,” Reeves said.

It needs to look like he can move, but it’s still evolving. He’s in Year Two of being Batman. Rob actually talked to Christian Bale and he was like just make sure you’re actually able to relieve yourself.

I hear that! As someone who has actually cosplayed as Batman, let me tell you: There’s nothing more awkward than standing in a toilet cubicle, up to your knees in rubber and a feeling of absolute relief while you’re still sweating buckets inside of a thick rubber cowl. Which probably explains why Ben Affleck’s Batman was so grumpy, thanks to a costume that he had to be poured out of in case he wanted to shake hands with the Commissioner.

The Batman and all of its practical toilet break costume gadgets, will be out next year October.

Last Updated: August 25, 2020


  1. Batman is so serious, he can’t even take the piss out of himself.


    • Original Heretic

      August 25, 2020 at 15:28

      Well now this looks like a comment of the week to me!


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