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Rumour: Marvel could reintroduce The Inhumans in the Ms Marvel TV series

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While we look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the bastion of success for releasing one hit movie after another, on the television side of things Marvel has unfortunately proved to be far less successful. While its Netflix shows were hit and miss, the majority of series outside of Agents of SHIELD just didn’t work and were abandoned by the studio before the damage got too bad. Perhaps easily the worst disappointment on the TV side of things was their attempt at bringing the Inhumans to life. An attempt which died as inhumanely as possible for what should’ve been a stellar series, given the comic book properties.

That was from when Marvel TV series weren’t run by Kevin Feige though. With the hitmaker producer now in charge of all Marvel TV properties too, there is a hope that all the new series being developed for Disney+ could achieve the same level of success as the films – especially considering they will tie in closely to the events of those movies.

It appears that Marvel may also use this time now to correct some of those TV mistakes from the past. and try and reintroduce elements to the franchise that they failed at before, like The Inhumans. This comes as a new claim from The Illuminerdi suggests that there are two casting calls for the Ms Marvel series with one of them being a character named Kamran, who is an Inhuman.

In the comics, Kamran was another latent Inhuman from New Jersey who was exposed to Terrigen. He gains the ability to morph into a bioluminescent form and project powerful, explosive energy charges. He also ends up befriending and manipulating Kamala Khan in the comics and so serves as a villain of sorts. The casting call reportedly describes him as “morally corrupt,” which is also in line with what we know of the character from the comics.

This is simply a rumour for now, but nonetheless it makes sense that in time Marvel would want to introduce the Inhumans to their bigger Universe. How their stories could tie into Ms Marvel would remain to be seen, but it would be an exciting opportunity to bring some great comic book characters into the Marvel world and give fans an Inhumans series they deserve.

Last Updated: February 12, 2020

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