Rumour : Nintendo 3DS Specs Leaked

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IGN have a ninja spy who has, “under the condition of anonymity,” revealed the technical specifications of Nintendo’s upcoming wonder-handheld, the 3DS.

It’s unsurprisingly quite a bit beefier than the current DS . Hit the jump to find out what sort of electronic innards will be powering the diminutive 3D marvel.

The 3DS is going to be powered by a set of ARM11 processors clocked at 266MHz, coupled with a DMP-supplied GPU running at 133MHz that’ll allow the device to deliver graphics almost on par with current consoles – only shrunk down to tiny screens and at a lower resolution. The numbers may seem small, but compared to the 67 MHz and 33 MHz processors that run on the original DS, it’s a gargantuan step up. There’s also 64Mb RAM compared to the DS’s paltry 4MB; and a further 4Mb of dedicated VRAM.

Storage capacity has also been suitable increased from 256 MB carts, to 1.5GB – so expect more voice, more cutscenes, better textures and a whole lot more content.

Here’s the breakdown :

CPU: 2 x 266MHz ARM11
GPU: PICA200 133MHz GPU by DMP
Video RAM: 4MB
Storage: 1.5GB Flash-based

These specifications haven’t been confirmed by Nintendo, but they seem pretty accurate. And terribly exciting. If you’ll recall, pretty much everyone who went to E3 this year- including our own Gavin and Nick – walked away enamoured with the device.

Source : IGN

Last Updated: September 22, 2010

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