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Nintendo’s hit on a golden idea lately: Take some of the best and most underappreciated games from the 3DS handheld, and give them a new high-definition lease on on life on the Switch console. With an audience of around 85 million Switch console owners, yeah I can figure out why the Big N would want to go in that direction.

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So here’s the latest from the 3DS catalog to get an update: Miitopia. On the surface, it’s the closest that Nintendo will ever come to making a first-party horror game. In an ancient kingdom, a wizard of evil is up to badnessm and has begun stealing faces from townsfolk across the land. Entire faces, all of them, it’s like Face/Off but slightly less mad.

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The beauty of Miitopia was that it made fun use of Nintendo’s Mii avatars, chirpy little representations of your own personality and those of your friends. For the Switch edition, those customisation options have been greatly expanded on and there’s pretty much carte blanche to create any character you want.

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Just like the 3DS game, you’ll be swinging steel and chucking fire-bolts with a party of Miis, traversing the land so that you can save the day. You can read more about there here in the original 3DS review, but the gist of it is that the simple RPG gameplay mechanics play second fiddle to the surprisingly deep social aspect of Miitopia.

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Keeping your Miis rested, well-fed, and happy is a fascinating game that’ll eat up plenty of hours. The RPG side is more brisk in comparison, a linear blitz through stages and hundreds of monsters that you can teach what for. The endgame does mix up the formula a bit more, but if you’re in the market for a simple RPG that leans closer towards the Sims and doesn’t require too much brainpower to operate, here you go.

Last Updated: May 28, 2021

Miitopia still retains its charm as it hops from 3DS to Switch, as well as a decent upgrade in the visual department. It's no 100-hour epic, but it's a cute and quirky little RPG that makes for an adorable distraction when you need to let your brain rest for a bit.
Miitopia was reviewed on Nintendo Switch
71 / 100

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