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Rumour: Paramount wants Justin Timberlake to run in slow mo towards a Baywatch reboot movie

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Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light. But not Justin Timberlake, oh no! Even though he’s done his fair share of silly comedies, by also choosing a few well fleshed out dramatic roles, the former boy band lead singer has done surprisingly well in transforming himself from a curly haired, squeaky voiced pop star to a genuine big time actor. With a squeaky voice.

But now, reports are coming in that Paramount has earmarked Timberlake for a different role, but one that you could certainly still argue would be very “fleshed out”.

The Baywatch reboot idea has been floating around since 2004, with producers Ivan Reitman, Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson on board but seemingly without a solid direction or anybody to lead the project. According to Twitchfilm though, Timberlake is now being eyed to take that lead playing “a disgraced former Olympic swimmer who tries out for the Baywatch crew.” Judging from past experience, this disgraced swimmer will probably never actually use his Olympic level swimming to save potential drowning victims, but rather to thwart terrorist plots, stop jewel thief capers or even, you know, investigate supernatural phenomenon!

Even though the term reboot has been thrown around, this actually reads more like a spinoff as it has been mentioned that roles for the German King of Pop, David Hasselhoff, and that chick with the boobs and the sex tape, Pamela Anderson, has already been written into the script if they wish to reprise them.

So what do you think, is the world ready for more red bikinis, board shorts and make-up that never washes off even if you get caught in a rip tide?


Last Updated: June 25, 2012

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