Rumour: Will Wonder Woman be showing up in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN?

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As is true to her mythology, many men have tried and failed to get a grip on Wonder Woman. Well, at least when it comes to adapting her story to the screen that is. Not even a Geek God (that’s “geek” not “greek”) like Joss Whedon could pull it off, and the less said about David E. Kelley’s aborted Wonder Woman TV series the better.

But if the latest rumours turn out to be true, it looks like director Zack Snyder is going to be the next man to give the Amazonian princess her big movie break in his upcoming Man of Steel sequel.


These rumours come courtesy of Bleeding Cool, who picked up that Warner Bros has sent out a casting call to agents for the still officially untitled Batman VS Superman film, that could potentially be for the role of Wonder Woman. The call is apparently pretty vague, saying in between smoke-screen-speak that the actress must be “somewhere between twenty five and thirty three – or at least leave the impression of a woman in that age range”, and most specifically, that “she needs to be physically strong.”

Understandably, just being in your late-twenties to early-thirties and looking kind of buff is not exactly what you would call being a spot-on doppelganger for Princess Diana of Themyscira, but word around the casting agent water cooler is that this is indeed for the role of Wonder Woman, and they are sending through candidates to Warner Bros with that expectation in mind. Thus far Warner Bros are declining to confirm enquiries that this is indeed in the case, but they also don’t want to come out and deny it either, and I, for one, just can’t think of a single other potential female role which matches that admittedly brief description that warrants this level of secrecy.

And introducing Wonder Woman, whose muddled history has proven a problem for potential filmmakers for ages now, in a smaller role in Batman VS Superman before her screen presence gets expanded in Justice League – just like Marvel did with Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and then The Avengers – makes perfect sense. And as the third member of DC Comic’s vaunted Trinity, if any Justice League characters were being introduced early, her name should definitely be at the top of the list.

So now of course the question comes: Who would you want to see in the star spangled underoos and golden brazier? As the perfect combination of beauty, brawn and talent, John Carter‘s Lynn Collins is still my top choice, but if she could just up her acting game, Gina Carano would also be a worthy contender. The fact that Ms Carano just broke up with Superman himself, Henry Cavill, just a few months ago, might sour her chances a bit though.

What do you guys think?

Last Updated: September 27, 2013

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