Rupert Friend replaces Paul Walker in the HITMAN: AGENT 47 reboot

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The death of actor Paul Walker last year hasn’t just left a void in the massive Fast and the Furious franchise. Before his untimely demise, Walker had several other projects brewing, one of which would have included him shaving his hair off, dressing all dapper like and getting his contract kill on. But at least you can rely on a Friend to step in and fill those shoes.

Or Rupert Friend to be exact. The Homeland actor will star in the title role as Agent 47, an assassin with a murky past who has been trained from birth to be a perfect killing machine. The first Hitman film starred Timothy Olyphant in the lead role back in 2007, and while it was all kinds of crap, it managed to make just under $100 million after release, which wasn’t bad for a movie shot on a $24 million budget.

20th Century Fox will bankroll the new film, which is now being called Agent 47, which has Aleksander Bach in the directors chair, while Skip Woods returns to pen another script.


Last Updated: January 10, 2014

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