Ryan Gosling to star in BLADE RUNNER sequel?

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Those are soulless, replicant eyes

When last we heard about the Blade Runner sequel it was to confirm that original star Harrison Ford would be reprising his role as Rick Deckard and that Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners) would be directing. Now Indiewire are reporting that Ryan Gosling, he of the handsome face, abs, and cause of much swooning, is in talks to appear in the sequel; although no character details are available yet.

While the sequel is confirmed to be set a few decades after the events in the original no other story details have been released, which means I get to indulge in one of my favourite past times – baseless speculation!

  • He’s a naive boyfriend who turns to Deckard to find his missing girlfriend, and is horrified to discover she’s an advanced replicant prototype
  • He’s unaware that he himself is a replicant until he makes this shocking discovery and turns to Deckard to find out who, what, why, etc
  • He’s a mild mannered news reporter by day that’s unaware that he’s also a murderous replicant by night, hunted by Deckard
  • He’s an alien observing humanity and is shocking revealed as a genetically altered Engineer when he appears in Prometheus 3, linking the Blade Runner and Alien universes
  • He’s Deckard’s son, take that Deckard-is-a-replicant theory lovers!

All of these will require his shirt to be off at some point. Should any of these turn out to be right I’ll expect proper appreciation for my precognitive powers. Do you have any ideas for his character?


Last Updated: April 17, 2015

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