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Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are going to be in a buddy cop film. I'm not joking

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I love my eighties cinema. It’s a period of filmmaking that was as deep and soulful as the decade that it inhabited. In other words, not at all. But thanks to that shallow couple of years, we got films that were pure action, testosterone and bad accents and one-liners.

That style of film is pretty much dead, in our sceptical society. It’s only good for the occasional parody, or until some other producer can violate its grave, and retool it with a cheesy spin.

Damn, and the genre was only a week away from retirement…

Paul “Bridesmaids” Feig is teaming up with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy for the comedy film, which has the mismatched law enforcers joining forces to stop Russian gangsters.

According to Variety, Bullock will play an FBI Agent with a presumably rather large stick lodged up her backside, while McCarthy will handle the role of an “unconventional” Boston cop.

So expect plenty of doughnut jokes and Bullock running around screaming about the Miranda Rights at the top of her lungs, we guess. The film will only start shooting much later however, as McCarthy is using her time off from her sitcom, Mike and Molly, to star in Seth Gordon’s Identity Theft.

Bullock, in the mean time, is busy finishing up on Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, before filming starts on the unnamed comedy film, her first such role since 2009.

Last Updated: May 22, 2012

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