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Say hello to my next magical director for the SCARFACE remake!

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When it comes to gangsters, bad accents, bathroom chainsaws, mountains of cocaine and sister-lust, no film did it better than Scarface. The Brian De Palma classic still holds up well to this day, which is why it just has to have a remake.

Still, if you’re going to remake Scarface, you should at least get a director who happens to have a done a gangster film or two, right? Someone like Guy Ritchie or Matthew Vaughn I’d imagine. Or that bloke who directed a film about teenage wizards.


Universal has been wanting to remake Scarface for years now, and it looks like Harry Potter director David Yates might have been chosen by their sorting hat for this flick (YOU SHALL GO TO UNIVERSAL HOUSE, YOUNG YATES!). Deadline reported that Yates is now in negotiations for the project, which has had several rewrites as of late. The latest script from Paul Attanasio though, is getting several nods of approval from Universal.

Still, when it comes to remakes, De Palma’s Scarface isn’t exactly innocent. That 1983 happens to be a remake of of 1932 Howard Hanks film. As for the plot details, Universal is keeping tight-lipped right now. One idea that is being thrown around though, is that this Scarface will keep the central theme of an outsider clawing his way to the top of a drug empire, with the lead in this film possibly Mexican. De Palma’s Tony Montana was a Cuban refugee in that iconic film, while in Hanks’ movie, he was Italian.

Expect a more contemporary Scarface when this project takes off.

Last Updated: August 2, 2013

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  1. Scarface is an absolute classic and it really doesn’t need a remake and it’ll get remade with a shitty R rating “for a wider audience”.


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