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Scary Movie 5 is happening. The world weeps

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Remember the first Scary Movie, and maybe a few parts from the sequel? It was funny, brilliant, satirical and well received. And then came a few more  films, which were as welcome as a wet fart at a funeral.

Not even the Zuckers and Leslie Nielsen could turn the franchise around, as a pre-tiger blood Charlie Sheen helped hammer in bad joke after bad joke. So prepare yourselves, as a fifth film gets set to release soon.

But will we see any series regulars return?

With David Zucker back on board for a third stint at directing the flick, Scary Movie 5 is aiming for a January 11 2013 release, and has already reached out to former stars for a return.

Anthony Anderson, Regina Hall and Kevin Hart have all been approached so far, but what about series mainstay, that puppy love crush of mine, Anna Faris?

It seems that she might not be keen for a fifth round as the dim-witted Cindy Campbell, as she explained at a press conference at CinemaCon;

I know that that’s rumored that I’m involved, but I’m not, yet. I don’t know if I will be. I love making those movies, though. I feel like each one was such an education.

I mean, as ridiculous as they are, there’s something incredibly difficult about playing a wonder-and-shock character. A character that dumb is truly a challenge in a completely different way.

Y’know what? Slap a blonde wig on my head and give me her paycheck, because I’m certain that my experience of being the village pillock will suit me perfectly for the role.

Last Updated: May 4, 2012

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  1. This is great! The Scary Movies get a lot of schtick, but they’re miles better than the other Genre Movies. And I actually thought the third one was the best, it had some great jokes (“Cindy! The TV’s leaking!”) and you could really see David Zucker’s influence. Plus, Leslie Nielsen was, as always, hilarious.
    Hope they get Anna Faris back however, love her to bits.


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