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Schwarzenegger may join Stallone in The Tomb

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Schwarzenegger may join Stallone in The Tomb 2

Did you enjoy the cheesy 80’s machismo of The Expendables as much as I did, and also cannot wait for more raw, undiluted manliness in Expendables 2 ? Well, it looks like the manly movie gods are looking down on us mortals with favour, as they lounge on their celestial couches; remote in one hand, divine mead in the other.Cheap Uggs For Sale.

I don’t know how it passed me by last week, but it looks like Arnold “the Governator” Schwarzenegger might be joining Sylvester “I’m suffering from a stroke 24/7” Stallone in action caper, The Tomb. The film sees structural security expert, Ray Breslin (played by Stallone), framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and then having to use his expertise to break out of the Maximum Security prison he designed to be escape proof. So basically, Prison Break with muscles and lots of unintelligible grunting. Count me in.

Originally, Ahnuld himself was attached to the role of Breslin, but he pulled out to instead make upcoming flick, Last Stand, which will be his big return to the screen as a leading man. Now it looks like he will be involved in the film again, but unfortunately no word yet on exactly what his role would be.Cheap Uggs Wholesale.

There’s currently no attached director or release date for The Tomb.

PS: And if you have testicles and answered “no” to my opening question, then I think we need to have a long sit-down discussion.

Last Updated: January 16, 2012

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