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Scott Waugh has an official NEED FOR SPEED!

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It’s been a month since director Scott Waugh has been offered the chance to helm a project based on the popular franchise of racing games, and it looks like he’ll be plonking his butt into the directors chair for NFS quite soon, as Waugh has officially signed on.

Speaking to Comingsoon, Dreamworks chairman and some young gun by the name of Steven Spielberg said “We’re excited to bring to life an exhilarating script based on an epic game that seems made for the movies.”

One of the biggest racing game franchises ever created, NFS has moved over a 100 million games since it launched back in 1994. While previous games have attempted to lend an air of cinematic quality to the franchise, it’s still always been about scantily clad ladies leaning over into your car racing.

Dreamworks says that they’ll be attempting to create a game that is faithful to the spirit of the franchise, while channeling “the tradition of the great car culture films of the 1970s.” Awesome, let’s hope that Burt “The Bandit” Reynolds makes an appearance then.

So far, George and John “Real Steel” Gatins have churned out a script, with production gearing up for an early 2013 start.

Last Updated: June 25, 2012

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