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SDCC 2017: Arrow returns for a sixth season with a more serious trailer

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Arrow (2)

When Arrow is on point (giggle), it’s one hell of a show that manages to mix street-level justice with lofty ideas and foes who truly run Oliver Queen through the ringer before he earns a win. When Arrow isn’t on point, it’s a melodramatic season of mismatched foes and plots which seemingly go nowhere. While seasons 1 and 2 may have built Oliver Queen into the Star City protector that he is today, seasons 3 and 4 lacked the edge that made the series interesting.

The introduction of Ra’s Ahl Ghul was a wasted opportunity, while Neal McDonough’s Damien Dahrk felt like an overpowered menace whose primary powers revolved around his ability to start a Macarena dance and never finish the moveset. Season 5 may not have been much better, but at least it was moving in the right direction as the Green Arrow became a mentor and found himself battling the demons of his past in the form of Prometheus.

That series also ended on a cliffhanger, specifically an explosive finale that saw the Lian Yu island that gave birth to the Arrow reduced to a smouldering crater and the story of how Oliver became the man he is reach full circle. Also, everyone might be dead. But they probably aren’t. Are they?

Hoo boy, get ready for another bout of Oliver feeling sorry for himself because his loved ones got dragged into his personal war on crime. Hopefully season 6 of Arrow won’t focus too many episodes on Oliver’s son blaming him for having the crappiest weekend getaway ever, when it kicks off on October 12.

Last Updated: July 23, 2017

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