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This season 2 trailer for NARCOS wants the same thing

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The first show that I binge watched on Netflix was the absolutely awesome, and rather damn violent, Narcos. I usually don’t find these types of shows that appealing, but the acting, filming and pace was so well done that it was hard not to enjoy. I said acting right, damn you Wagner Moura for bringing to life Pablo Escobar in such a manner that you love him even though he’s a totally bad jerk face (I didn’t mean that, don’t hurt me, hurt Trevor instead!)

When the season came to a close I actually thought that was it, finished forever. So when I heard they had greenlit season two I ran out and bought a bottle of coke just so I could feel like the characters in the show! Now we have the first trailer for season two, and man oh man it looks awesome! Have a watch and agree see!

If you have seen the first season you will remember that Pablo was arrested and put in prison. Well now the lunatic is out and everyone is after him. What does that mean? Well, it means all out bloody war is what it means. Once again we will follow the events from the perspective of different groups of people. The first being the DEA, lead by actor Boyd Holbrook as agent Steve Murphy. The second is a vicious cartel from California. Then there are the Los Pepes, a bunch of vigilantes who are more than likely going to have their behinds handed to them. And lastly the Search Bloc, a special team from the Colombian police. Got to feel sorry for them!

The show has been nominated for a range of awards, from best actor in a television series (Wagner Moura) to best television series and I am sure season two will just add to these. Interestingly the producers are going full social media on this one building the trailer and news around the (rather misleading) tagline #whokilledpablo. We don’t have to wait long as the second season lands, in its entirety, on 2 September! Guess what I will be doing that weekend!?

Last Updated: August 24, 2016


  1. I don’t want to guess, but I know it won’t involve pants.


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