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Have we seen the WONDER WOMAN villain yet?

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Last week saw the drop of another Wonder Woman trailer that has me really excited for the upcoming DC Comics film. Yes, while the trailer was fantastic at showing all the high-action (and slow motion effects) that our heroine would be participating in, we still don’t have any idea of the villain/s she will be facing in the film. Yes, I know there is the World War itself that she is participating in, but what good is it if she is only facing off against another set of mere mortals? After all, super-heroes can only really be judged by the villains they square up against.

However it appears there may be a villain that was revealed in the trailer after all. If you viewed the trailer you may have noticed a lady who is wearing a half-mask on her face. She doesn’t look too friendly so its safe to assume she is probably a bad guy. And according to IGN, they believe this character could be Doctor Poison.


The trailer shows her playing around with chemical weapons, which were a big part of World War I, but also the strong suit of Doctor Poison herself. The character first appeared in 1942 in a story called “The Menace of Doctor Poison”, with her real name being Princess Maru. She was a scientist working with the Nazis on a drug called Reverso, which made the soldiers do, well the reverse of what they were told to. This doesn’t seem to match what we saw in the trailer, but I can certainly see how a poison such as this can play a big part in making Wonder Woman’s life difficult.

In fact, Doctor Poison was initially portrayed as a man before Wonder Woman ripped off her smock-like guise to reveal she was indeed a woman. I doubt we will be seeing this kind of gender transformation in the film, as if this rumour is to be true, then she is mostly definitely being portrayed as a female.

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It also goes down well with what DC Comics is trying to achieve in giving the film a strong female point of view and the character could fit in well with this narrative. The character though was only a minor villain who only showed up in a handful of appearances and each time as a subordinate to the real villain of the story… who in the movie’s case could be the German officer played by Danny Huston. There’s a rumour going around that he may in fact be Ares, the Greek god of war, would make that a very fitting human disguise. Ares features quite heavily in Wonder Woman’s mythology – she even became the god of war herself recently – so it would make sense for him to be in the film. Nothing has been confirmed though, but it would be cool if the villains were actually all in the trailer but kept low-key for now.


Wonder Woman will only be opening on June 2, 2017, so until then I guess all we can do is keeping stocking the rumour mill.


Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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