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Sega taps its classic video game franchises for movies and TV

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Brace yourself, for there is a new wave of game-related movies on the way. Sega has revealed plans to take some of its top games into the world of movies, television and – somewhat ambiguously – ‘digital platforms.’ The titles being tapped include Shinobi and Crazy Taxi:

Of the vast library of titles that Stories has the rights to adapt, it’s moving forward with “Altered Beast,” “Streets of Rage,” “Shinobi,” “Rise of Nightmares” and “Crazy Taxi” first as English-language live action and animated spinoffs. “Virtua Fighter” and “Golden Axe” also are part of the portfolio of properties.

Variety also reports that the new deal involves Evan Cholfin, who none of us have heard of before, but apparently he’s quite the hot stuff:

At Break Media, Cholfin was director of entertainment development, where he produced and oversaw film, TV and digital content, including thriller “Higher Power,” produced with Lorenzo di Bonaventura. He also produced commercials and branded content for marketers while at the company.

There is some extra business-related details on the main article, but suffice to say Sega – which has seen better years – wants to milk its franchises much the way the comic book guys are. But we all know the problem here: gaming franchises generally suck when they are not games. Sega’s involvement is not any kind of remedy. One reason why the Street Fighter movie sucked so badly is because Capcom kept interfering with the process. And currently several of Ubisoft’s film ambitions appear to be stuck in development hell.

On the other hand, a Golden Axe movie could be interesting…


Last Updated: December 12, 2014


  1. The Shinobi one can just be a guy walking one way down the street throwing shuriken & kicking people in the face.


    • Dark Overlord Jaybles

      December 12, 2014 at 14:47

      Sounds like the action movie of the year to me.


    • James Francis

      December 12, 2014 at 16:02

      In season 2 he gets a dog.


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