Sharlto Copley and Michelle Forbes to lead the cast of POWERS

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Cinema? TV? Please! The real future of entertainment lies in your video game system! With Xbox going big with a Ridley Scott produced Halo series, PlayStation has also joined in on the fun lately, with their first upcoming show being Powers. Based on the Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming comic book series, Powers stars cops who investigate super-crime, in a city packed with capes. And that digital series has just found its two leads.


THR reports that Sharlto “Elysium” Copley and Michelle “True Blood” Forbes will play the roles of Christian Walker and Retro Girl. As Walker, Copley will be a cop working in the Powers Division of the police force, that deals with crimes of a super-powered nature, while Forbes will star as one of the most popular super-heroines around.

This is the first bit of concrete news for Powers, ever since FX canned a potential series that would have starred Jason Patrick and Carly Foulkes as Walker and Retro Girl. David “30 Days Of Night” Slade will direct the first two episodes of Powers, with Charlie Huston on board as an executive producer.  The series will debut on the PlayStation Network this December.

Last Updated: August 19, 2014

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