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Shut your mouth! New Line wants to make a new SHAFT movie

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Shaft! He’s a bad motherlover! Shut yo mouth! Created back in the 1970s, there’s something about Shaft that has remained timeless and cool, ever since Richard Roundtree put on his Sunday best leather jacket as private detective who solved problems the good ol’ fashioned way: With his fists. Shaft continued on in tow more sequels and a rather short TV series, before a 2000 reboot say Nick Fury looking to kick Batman’s ass out of Harlem. A decade and a half later, and New Line Cinema wants to make a brand new Shaft movie.


According to The Wrap, New Line Cinema now has the rights to make a reboot, which will be produced by John “Predator” Davis. It’s still extremely early days for the flick, but expect a new flick with a brand new Shaft. Now might be a good time for a Shaft movie however. With black American communities being targeted by law enforcement and tempers running high ever since the Ferguson shooting last year, there’s a film waiting to be made, that escalates the usual corrupt cop setup of previous Shaft films, for a more institutionalised form of corruption and racism.

It’s also the perfect vehicle for an older action star to inhabit, much like John Wick and Taken has proven to box office success. I’m personally hoping that somebody has given Denzel Washington a phone call.

Last Updated: February 19, 2015

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