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Simon Pegg has a Fantastic Fear of Everything

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Simon Pegg happens to be one of my favourite actors, an underrated performer who rarely pops up in massive films, but always brings charisma and effort to whichever role he portrays, an art that somehow always appears effortless for him, as if he’s merely extending his own personality.

While we’ve seen him in all manner of films recently, from the comedy Run fatboy run, to Star Trek and its sequel, as well as the brilliant Paul, his next on screen effort looks quite mentally scarring, as the trailer for a Fantastic Fear of Everything can confirm.

With direction from Crispian Mills and Chris Hopewell, A Fantastic Fear of Everything has Pegg portraying Jack, a neurotic and psychologically wrecked writer of children’s novels who wants to crack it as a crime novelist instead.

But instead of being reinvigorated by the change in genre, Jack soon finds himself overcome with various mental issues and demons, forcing him to reexamine the root cause of all his fear, which includes finding love in a launderette, as well as confronting a spooky hedgehog.

It looks like a weird and wild experiment out of a Terry Gilliam films so far, with further performances from Paul Freeman, Clare Higgins, Amara Karan and Kerry Shale helping to sell the odd experience, when it releases in June this year.

Last Updated: April 10, 2012

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